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Postby Tag » Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:52 pm

Name: Tag
Title: N/A

Apparent Age: 22?
Height: 5'1"
Weight/Build: Slight
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey

Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Gameplayer/Soldier

Court: N/A
Mantle: N/A

Mask Appearance: Tag is on the small side, and looks like she's spent the last decade locked in a basement - pale, scrawny, and generally unkempt. Her resting expression is one of a sullen glower, and seems naturally inclined to expressions of negative emotion. Tag tends to dress in strictly utilitarian fashion, although at least her shirts have clever slogans or strange art on them.

Mien Appearance: She doesn't look all that different from her Mask. She's closer to an average build than a gaunt one, and her skin is a mottled grey; in fact, barring the tabard there doesn't seem to be a speck of color on her body anywhere.

Obvious Merits/Flaws: Token (Hedgespun Raiment) - A tabard whose livery and colors change on a regular basis. In the Mask, this manifests as a t-shirt in different styles and slogans.

Common Knowledge: Tag is Courtless, and seems to be proud of it. Her area of expertise seems to lie in making things and breaking things, and she always gets things done faster than perhaps she rightfully should. For all her seeming hostility, she's quick to try and lend a hand to the people that seem to need it.

  • Tag is short for 'protagonist', right?
  • She lives like a little feral homeless lady out on the streets of Seattle.
  • Always seems to have different explanations of what her Durance was like.
  • Summer tried to recruit her after she killed a Briarwolf - she told them she wasn't interested.

Character Theme Song(s):
Kansas - Cold Grey Morning
RichaadEB - Undertale Cover: Battle Against A True Hero
Utopia - Singring and the Glass Guitar
Marian Call - Nerd Anthem
MC Frontalot - It Is Pitch Dark
Wizened Gameplayer | No Court
Mantle: 0| Goodwill: 0 | Presence: 2
Wears a Hedgespun Tabard
Associated with the Rogues' Gallery Motley

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